Employee development an everlasting requirement for corporates

Employee development is an everlasting requirement for corporates. RILCA brings both event-based and classroom training that fits the requirements of various kinds of businesses.

Our uniquely designed business corporate training help employees gain the required skills. It gives businesses an edge to stand out with the most productive skill sets.

We bring the best corporate training programs for employees that make them more productive and resourceful for business needs.

Best-in-class Programs

Corporate programs

Today a reader, tomorrow a leader

Leadership Training

Learn skills to build lasting relationships that drive success

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Business Communication

Principles of creating efficacious emails, reports, and proposals

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Soft-skills Training

Improve yourself every day by working on your soft skills

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Negotiation Training

Helps you and the other party agree to a logical solution

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Motivation Training

We help you fuel success in all aspects of your life!

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Conflict Resolution

Strategies to resolve differences and build stronger relationships

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Time Management

Ability to set goals, focus, prioritise and communicate!

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Sale Closing Tactics

Qualities that help you and the other party come to an agreement

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Team Building Training

Learn various working styles to work towards a team's success

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Unconscious Bias Training

Learn ways to overcome workplace prevalent biases

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Digital Marketing Training

Develop diverse set of skills valuable in the global market

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Stress Management

Identify your shortcomings and learn strategies to manage stress

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Why is it required?

Be it employee retention, increasing efficiency, conflict resolution, sales, or presentation skills; RILCA brings various kinds of training that hold great business value. It is essential for every small or big organization to flourish their business by having the best talent.

Our training modules and methodologies are different as we have built them uniquely via NLP coaching methods. NLP coaching provides the fastest way of learning and incorporates advanced learning mechanisms.