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Team Building - Bond with your colleagues to achieve more ! *

Inculcating team-building skills will teach you how to work together, in the office or remotely, thereby strengthening trust, engagement, and performance.

“The nicest thing about teamwork is that you always have others on your side.”

How important is team building to you? Let us rephrase this question: What are the primary thoughts that come to your mind about teamwork? Does it make you feel overwhelmed that your team is helping you out, or do you prefer working alone?

Whether you wish to work in a team or not is a personal choice. For example, you might like to work as a team to achieve a particular goal, or you might prefer to do all the work alone, which can sometimes stress you out and make you anxious!

Team building is a better option because it instigates a sense of positivity among employees and helps achieve the company's goals faster. In addition, team building includes a group of people working together, promoting workplace motivation and cooperation. In other terms, team building includes establishing effective work relationships and achieving personal and professional targets.

Team Building Training - An indispensable ability to have better results!
As the title says, team building is an essential skill to get potent results. When every team member works meticulously, the outcomes are bound to be positive. But when a company does not practice teamwork, the goals become challenging to achieve. In another case, the work environment is negatively affected when people do not get along with each other.

So, what to do in such scenarios? Well, just like any other interpersonal skill, team building can also be assimilated via team building training. It is a program where various activities are used to enhance social relations. This training is also helpful in defining roles and collective tasks among team members.

Team building is a vital skill acquired through proper guidance and training. RILCA’s Team building training assists you in gaining deep insights into teamwork and inculcating this interpersonal skill for better functioning in the company.

Team building training is sought after by companies because it helps leaders develop prowess to bring employees together and work towards a common goal. The competency of team building is critical, as every manager/ leader must have it.

Unfortunately, only a few of them have this ability. But there is nothing to worry about! By taking up RILCA’s team-building training, you will become proficient at creating productive and smart-working teams. This training is not just for the leaders or managers but for every employee at the workplace to ensure efficiency and productivity.

Why is Team Building important for the company?
Team building is a crucial strategy used by managers to make employees more effective in their approaches. When team members develop positive relationships, they feel congenial, sharing their ideas and solving problems creatively. Understanding the importance of team building can help you find appropriate activities for your team that boost their confidence and morale.

Here is why team building is an inevitable part of every company.

1. Enhanced Productivity
Team building training can help your company in many ways. For instance, the training encourages the employees to work towards a common goal. When teams feel connected & motivated, they are likely to give their best efforts to their work. This will eliminate the chances of duplicity and repetitiveness since team members will have better communication with each other. Thus, being aware of each other’s progress, the employees will work collaboratively to enhance the company’s overall productivity.

2. Morale Boost
Along with work activities, team building involves recreational activities as well, which can boost the employees’ morale. For example, completing a fun task with leaders and coworkers can help you identify common goals, thereby creating a positive work environment and making everyone feel appreciated.

3. Building Trust
It is said that trust is the most expensive thing. Well, that's true! Building trust among employees is vital for the overall company's growth. For instance, over some time, when employees keep on working together, they might develop a sense of dependency on their peers. Always remember that reliability is interrelated with trust. Therefore, team building training helps you build this trust with other employees as well as the clients, thereby enhancing your competencies.

4. Discovering Strengths & Weaknesses
Team-building training helps you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your colleagues based on how they perform in work-related and leisure/ recreational activities. You, as a manager, can use this knowledge to form more effective teams and understand how to utilize their competencies adequately. In team-building training, you will also learn to calibrate with different types of employees at the workplace. Subsequently, you can place them into the same teams and make them work efficiently.

5. Contributing to a positive work environment
Another excellent benefit of team building training is that it helps create a positive work environment for the employees. With better communication and collaboration, the employees will remain engaged in work. In addition, team building training can also help reinforce your company's culture! Thus, being one of the essential skills, team building enables you to achieve your short-term and long-term goals both personally and professionally.

6. Increases ‘Team Synergy’
After taking up the team building training, you will learn to set your personal goals aside for a while and harness the immense power of team synergy. This will allow you to manipulate the procedure as well as the outcome and work until the targets are achieved. Team synergy is a constructive approach wherein the company’s targets are met. Interestingly, the professional targets are somewhat interrelated with personal targets in team synergy. Thus, by achieving professional goals, you will be able to fulfil your personal goals too!

7. Preventing Conflicts
Team building training includes many exercises that help prevent workplace conflicts among team members. This is done through implementing various tools and strategies that help identify and address the issues. The training also enables you to understand and appreciate your coworkers' opinions, thereby helping resolve conflicts via effective communication.

8. Optimistic Reinforcement
Managers can use team-building activities to provide team members with positive reinforcements in the form of awards, certifications, or promotions. Public recognition often makes the employees feel acknowledged and valued. In addition, offering them awards and certificates will encourage positive competition in the workplace resulting in enhanced productivity.

Team building training is crucial for employees to function better in the company. Apart from contributing to the company’s growth, team building training also makes you considerate enough to understand the emotions and psyche of your fellow employees.

Now when we talk about emotions, behavior, and the psychology of other people, there is one thing that all of us resonate with. Yes, you guessed it right! It's NLP, i.e., Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

NLP is a powerful tool, and when it gets integrated with team-building training, it can work wonders for the company as well as the employees. Let us see how!

NLP and Team Building Training - A Astounding Duo!
Taking up team building training is an integral part of understanding organizational psychology. It enables the employees to feel motivated and enhances their sense of satisfaction.

NLP is an excellent approach to mapping the relationship between psyches, language, and ensuing behavior. It is an effective management tool that helps people become better communicators.

Team building training and NLP enable you to be deliberate and agree upon a common goal. Both include a comprehensive study about teamwork and how you can use it to build better relations at the workplace.

Following are some areas where RILCA’s team building training and NLP will be focussing on.

  • Listening actively and comprehending what is spoken.
  • Communicating with other team members and following a constructive approach to meet targets.
  • Demonstrating your reliability.
  • Sharing skills, qualities, tips, feedback, and other resources.
  • Cooperating with other team members.
  • Offering insightful solutions and becoming a problem-solver.
  • Demonstrating flexibility by being open to views and suggestions.
  • Being deeply committed to achieving the team's goals.
  • Building a rapport with other team members and treating everyone with respect.

Effective management of team members is one of the essential criteria for building a great team. The team-building training by RILCA includes a wide range of work-related and recreational exercises so that the employees focus on real-world challenges and function accordingly. It is crucial to note that efficient team building often leads to a highly driven workforce and a flourishing organization. Thus, adopt team-building skills today and create successful relationships with your coworkers!