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Time Management Training - A blueprint for managing time better ! *

Learn how to meet deadlines, have a disciplined workflow, and maximize productivity with RILCA’s Time Management Training Program.

“Time isn’t the main thing. It is the only thing.”

Have you encountered a situation wherein you are stuck between multiple works? And because you could not handle it, every job/work assigned to you tends to go downhill. Also, have you ever noticed that despite having abundant time, you are not able to manage and complete your tasks?

Most of the time, people are stressed because they are not able to handle multiple things at the same time. And then they complain and believe that the time given to them wasn’t enough. The leading cause of this issue is not lack of time but time management.

When you cannot manage time properly, discrepancies are bound to happen. We always say that communication is the key to success. It sure is. But effective time management is what leads to better results.

Managing time is a skill which can be acquired with proper practice. The easiest way to inculcate this skill is to go for time management training. If you wish to excel both personally and professionally, you must be counting on it.

Time management training by RILCA will open a wide door of opportunities for you. With specific exercises and exciting/ interesting modules, you will learn the art of time management. Along with this, you will also assimilate a variety of strategies that you can use to improve your time management skills.

Managing time is considered a great skill, and it becomes easier to excel at different fronts when you have it. Today, many companies are organizing time management training for their employees to increase their proficiency, efficiency, and productivity. RILCA’s time management training is based on a constructive approach so that you can readily acquire the skills and begin your career on a positive note.

Most importantly, this training program is for beginners as well as for experienced workforce. You will learn about new strategies and ways of managing time. The main aim of this is to make you productive so that you manage and complete the given tasks before or on time.

Time Management Training - The Time is NOW!
Time is a great equalizer; everyone gets twenty-four hours in a day! Therefore, time management is one of the essential skills that help you enhance your competencies. Investing in time management training can help you learn fundamental aspects of administering your time and boosting your ability to get more work done daily.

By opting for time management training, you can consciously decide the amount needed to be spent on each task. This will further enhance your capabilities and make you feel more confident in managing time. As a result, you will accomplish any given tasks or duties and quickly excel in your career. This is what all of us want, right?

Time management training helps you hone your skills and improve productivity. Professionally, it will help you to be more effective in your role and might result in a promotion or make you better equipped for different roles. Here are other benefits of taking up time management training offered by RILCA.

  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced anxiety and stress
  • Improved delegation
  • Enhanced decision-making abilities
  • Increased ability to focus for
  • longer durations of time
  • Having more free time to invest in other opportunity areas
  • A higher sense of self-discipline
  • Greater opportunities for career growth and advancement

In addition to this, RILCA’s training program will also educate you on some of the best time management practices that will enhance and improve your time management skills. This is extensively discussed in the following section!

Best practices espoused in RILCA’s Time Management Training
Below are the best practices that result in enhancing your time management skills.

1. Keeping track of time
The most vital aspect of time management is understanding how you spend your time daily. To become more effective at work, it is best to keep track of your time. Try this exercise for a week, and you will know where you need to work and improve your overall time management.

2. Creating a To-Do list
Creating a structured plan will help you understand what steps must be taken to accomplish a task. This can be done by creating a to-do list that outlines everyday tasks, actions, and strategies to be employed in order to complete them. This will help you immensely to manage time. Count this as an essential step/practice in time management training!

3. Commitment towards Goals
Identifying and committing to your short-term and long-term goals will clearly define where you should focus your time daily. For instance, you aim to complete a project by next week. You must write down your plan of action and take specific steps to accomplish it. This will improve your proficiency and help you complete the projects before the deadline.
Incorporating these practices on a daily basis will positively affect your life. You will be able to strike a work-life balance and will become free from stress and anxiety. Thus, time management training will benefit you on all fronts.

Time Management Training - Why go for it?
Is time more valuable than money? You can earn money, but cannot get back the time once it's gone/passed! That’s why, opting for time management training at the workplace is one of the effortless ways to enhance your performance and reach peak productivity. Below are the reasons why you must go for time management training.

1. Minimal Stress Levels
Even the most successful and potential employees tend to become stressed about meeting deadlines, so you are not alone. Today, all of us have busy lives, and it becomes difficult to have a work-life balance. Interestingly, managing your time effectively can reduce your stress levels. How? Well, time management training will enhance your competency and improve your work quality. You don't need to rush around as you will complete the work/project within the given time frame. As a result, your stress and anxiety levels will reasonably reduce, and you will be able to focus better.

2. Eliminating Procrastination
Have you ever told yourself, “I will do it later/tomorrow?” Admit it; we all have procrastinated at least once! Time management training reduces your urge to delay and procrastinate over essential projects. Organizing and planning how to separate time is the basis of time management training. Employing time management strategies at the workplace will make you a smart-working employee with a sense of direction rather than a hard-working employee who is Haphazard.

3. Lesser Team Conflict
Stress has a negative influence on work! You might have seen people having conflicts within the team when they are stressed out or have an excessive workload. This is where time management training helps! Through this training, you will experience fewer conflicts and arguments because you will be more organized and communicate clearly with other team members. With better interaction and an organized way of working, you will be able to work effectively.

So, what do you think? Is time management training beneficial or not?

Research shows that 52% of people often lose focus and waste time on different things. No wonder society is getting more and more distressed!

Another research shows that 80% of the workforce doesn’t feel engaged at work, and 43% of the employees are anxious. Why? Because of ineffective time management! When people will become proficient enough to manage multiple tasks, then only this percentage will decrease! And for this - time management training must be your go-to path.

The interrelation of NLP and Time Management Training
What is the time for you? How much do you value it? These are some questions that can make you think that all this while, you were wasting your time by not managing it skilfully! This is why time management is a much-needed skill which can be acquired through proper guidance and practice.

Interestingly, time management is more about your mindset regarding time rather than mugging up numerous strategies and techniques to manage time. If you procrastinate or are stressed at work, then it means that you must mould your attitude, behaviour, and perspective to administer time effectively.

Always remember that no matter what time management strategies you apply, the unconscious patterns of your brain will override your attempts to manage time.

Well, this is where NLP comes in. Neuro-Linguistic Programming will change your beliefs that no longer serve you and help you create new behaviours aligned with your strengths. You will learn more about your obligations and devise conscious patterns to increase your competencies and capabilities.

NLP techniques are usually incorporated with time management training to benefit you. The training program will provide clarity at work, resulting in positive outcomes. You will also be able to manage multiple projects together. Through NLP techniques and time management training, your mind will be trained, thereby becoming aware of its strengths.

The modules of RILCA’s training program are incorporated with NLP strategies to give you deep insights into the art of time management. The training also focuses on providing proper guidance for administering time effectively. It is a fact that one who can manage time can manage everything effectively. And making you a pro at managing time is the primary aim of this training. So, what are you waiting for? Apply for this excellent training program today and learn unique methodologies and tactics to be a good manager/leader!

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